Thursday, July 21, 2011 

Late Night...

It is late night at 2am, which as usual i am still with my laptop turned on with couple of working tools. Out of sudden, i am thinking of my blog. A place where i always stay up for, a place where i always share my very personal feeling, a place where i always post my day with photos, and a place it is silent since last July.

It is a while i am away from blogging, many reasons. But i still like reading blogs, on and off to catch up with some bloggers which i used to chat with, on and off to catch up their happening life. This practice has always accompany my nights, especially those lonely nights. Tonight, i was attracted by a new blog, which it has a very relaxing music in the blog, in the blog i found out a lot of similarities, a lot of long missing feeling, it expresses the way i did last time, perfect matching to the night i have here, recalling many of my memories.

Many many thoughts over the night, wish to express here... really wish. Perhaps maybe another night, cos it is time for me to go back to my powerpoint slide...

The song that i am attracted: *Here i am - Leona Lewis*

Good Night. :) As usual, end with a photo...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010 

today is the {day} to keep in heart...

Walk away with all the unhappiness and stay with the happiness of today... i learn!


Monday, April 12, 2010 

Busy Week

It has been a busy week for me, and sleepless nights too. Is perfectionism a weakness? I still remember there was one session, i told one of my committee, please don't be too perfective in every aspects, look at the time you have, and look at the tasks you got on hand, find a balance in between. Clearly stated that perfection is good in many situation but priority comes first. I have an event last week, the event has to be prioritized due to certain reason, we can't miss it, we can't lose it. Hence, started on last Monday, the content of the slide needs to be prepared and ready (till late night). Tuesday, move on with a discussion to confirm all the run down and verify the content of the presentation, everyone of us stayed until late night (and this night, slept at 4am in order to  change and draft the slide after the session).Wednesday, the last day to event and again, because of slide, end my night at 5am. After all, you may just question, why do you need to be so particular in the presentation slide? To me, it is all about the preparation. I concerned about the visualization of the slide to capture the audience attention, and accelerate their thoughts in mind to relate our scenarios. During the preparation, i questioned myself, how to improve the presentation slide, even the last night? Secretly, even during the actual day, just one session before me. I have improved my slide sequence based on certain limitations we had, and added two stacks in my slide to stronger the message presented by other speakers. Is this consider good practices or just too bad habit to keep? The feedback from other colleagues, is great. But i still keen to know the feedback from our audiences. Other parts in this event is, we see the team work. We recognized everyone's participation and contribution. Especially those juniors which surprise me for many rounds. Good one!

One of my slide's stack (still looking for improvement):

As when i thought the tiring day has ended with the closing of event. Several proposals need to be submitted within Thursday and Friday. Challenge continues, and we spent our Friday night in office together...

Two things i learned:
1. Winning in business isn't as simple as you thought. (da*n, it is so much complicated)
2. To make sure your audiences are able to visualize your presentation picture, you need an attentive slide. Next follow with your message delivery. (you have no shortcut to this)

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010 

Expectation vs. Deliverable

It is a hectic day for me. Be it personal or work related, everything just happened at once. I still remember there was a night i stay at home, in a quiet night, i plan out my resolution in year 2010. In the mid of creating the resolution, i asked myself. What is the most disappointed thing happened in year 2009? I answered {it}. And after think twice, the answer remains.

{it} is not a simple decision i have made in year 2009. But seems like the outcome isn't as right as expected. Don't look back, i understand. Don't regret, i know. React your future, of course! I try my best in {it}. Never given any second thought even though it is tough. I tried and keep trying hoping my efforts are appreciated. However, i hope it turns bright in this year, with all the prays.

Year 2010, every single plan is a measured plan from all aspects, angles and perspectives. I recognized my changes as compare to year 2009. I didn't aim to be perfect but i am sure i am walking towards that direction by committing & struggling myself to the acceptable level. Be it the attitude, the behaviour, the thought, the effort, the understanding, the way of communication. Improving from all the immature to mature manner in {it}, do you realise? {it} should be simple, {it} should be happy, {it} should be an achievement at the end of the plan, together.

What's {it}? It is the thing that bothering my mind today.


Monday, March 01, 2010 

The Moon 2010.

People who close with me will know i like MOON, and i like to shoot the moon. Simply because i like the feeling of missing someone at night some times; just like the moon, it is always there but it will be brighter and clearer when it comes night. To you, each time when you look at the moon, will you think of me and miss me too?
A moon that keep me missing-{you}...

While everything goes normal.. I checked out the moon that i captured last time. Things really unbelievable sometimes, i almost have the same moon composition and moon surface in two different photos with two different shooting. I know i am referring to the same moon, but based on the experience i have with moon shooting, very rare u will get the similar surface on different time of shooting. What a coincidence or fate?
Check it out here: [The Moon]

Friday, February 26, 2010 

A night after all.

A sentimental moment i have tonight which drive me to do a quick blog post. It has been a while i didn't post at this hour. I would say i have changed the behaviour of these hours, mostly reading some articles or doing some researches on IT topic. It has been driving me for the past one year, almost.

I was searching a photo in my blog tonight, in between lot of memories pop up and surf me through the past. All kind of feeling i got. My finger can't stop clicking post by post, reading it, recalling it. To be honest, after all, i still like to blog, reason being is nothing but to capture and record my memories. Can't believe i could hold this blog, a simple blog for 6 years, since 2004.

I still want to keep this blog as active as i can, no doubt. Time, i need more time to be the one i used to be at this hour. Whether in public mode or maybe, private mode to fit all my hidden feelings again...


Thursday, December 31, 2009 

Good Bye 2009, Welcome 2010!

I'm back!! Writing the last post for the year of 2009! ^^ (i still remember i have a blog.. haha, slap me!)

Year 2009 should be one of the {happening} year in my life, a lot of {up&down} incidents, everything happens in just 365 days! Well, at least it is not an empty year to live with, accept and learn from it. The {accept.learn} philosophy has been my word-of-mouth since all these occurrence. After all, i live my life, i work my days to complete the unfinished {blocks}.

Good Bye 2009, and Let's Welcome 2010! ^^

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009 

A Distance

Time flies, we all know and we are in month November dy! Yes, it is my birthday month, and how would this be in this year? I have more to say about it but because of public blog, i kept it. Or maybe it doesnt really matter soon, coz no one might be reading this, anymore i guess. In the photo, both of them have a distance, far or short, up to your definition but, drill down to the place where both grew.. it is just next to each other. Does it mean the higher you grow, the further the distance is...

Photo taken at Broga Hill, Semenyih. A nice place and a breathtaking scenery for a healthy morning...


Wednesday, September 30, 2009 

My first light.

Have you ever think of what should come first in your life? Just like the sun rise taking up all the dark area, next is what you wish to see first and who you wish to meet first?


Saturday, September 12, 2009 

Another Mid Night Post.

Just done several research and reading for my work here. The keyword for tonight would be the "differentiation". A lot of time, be it in the project, in the product, in the solution, in the plan, in the relationship, in the friendship, in the partnership, in the conversation, in the presentation, in all aspects, it is always difficult to figure out the key differentiation. If you are alone and unique, then you are differentiated directly. But when you are not, then you will have to answer "how" and "what"?

How do you differentiate yourself among the rest? Give ONE, could you?

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